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Kostergården is comfortable accommodation in a lovely environment next to Kosterhavet. Here you will find 28 modernly furnished cottages and apartments just a stone's throw from Kilesand beach. 

Strand på Koster


In June 1952, Pensionat Kostergården was opened on an extremely small scale by Greta & William Holmberg. A few rooms were available for rent in the villa, but most of the guests were accommodated in the fishermen's houses around Kilesand, Kyrkosund and Brevik. It was common at this time for the fishing families to move down into the basement in the summers in order to get an extra penny for renting out their own home.

In the small dining room there was room for about 25 diners. The dining room was set in two sittings so that 50 guests could be served dinner each day. On Sundays, homemade ice cream was always served from a heavy hand-operated ice cream machine that required an effort from the boarding house caretaker! 

A full board at Kostergården cost SEK 8.50 in the 1950s and included a lunch-focused breakfast with a couple of main dishes and dinner consisting of herring table, soup, main course, dessert and coffee.

In 1959, Ulla and Leif Gurstedt took over the hosting. In 1974 there was only a kiosk and a cafeteria. At that time, it had been converted into self-catering apartments. At the beginning of the 80s, thoughts of winding down began. Ulla and Leif were happy that someone who lives year-round at Koster would take over the business, and so it happened. From the summer of 1983, Ingeborg and Göran Larsson took over Kostergården and continued with roughly the same concept until 2007. 

In 2015, an extensive complete renovation of the facility started. New cottages came into place and Kostergården as it looks today was completed in June 2016. 

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